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Since 1998 Sentio Web Solutions has been providing a wide range of Internet Solutions to meet any Internet demands.  Ranging from simple Point of Presence web pages and email to complex e-commerce solutions, complete with co-location and fail over protection. Sentio Web Solutions also features a dedicated Search Engine Optimization program, to help drive customers to your web sites. Specialized reporting and visitor tracking utilities are a specialty and an integral component of our SEO Services. In the ever increasing competitiveness of today's ever changing' Internet, it is vital to have detailed information on each and every site visitor to maximize your Web Marketing and E-Commerce profits.

No matter what your requirements, Sentio Web Solutions can design and provide the solution which best matches your needs and budget. Rather than attempt to squeeze your needs into some large companies pre-selected cookie cutter programs, the Web Designers and Engineers of Sentio Web Solutions will assist you from beginning to end in implementing a web site designed specifically to fit your needs.

Design, implementation and auditing of your HIPAA and Saurbane-Oxley requirements is also available from Sentio Web Solutions. In the ever changing legislative environment with its continual moving target for compliance, the need to be current and proactive was never more important for those companies with a legal requirement to secure their information.

You can have the best web site in the world, but if the equipment or the network your web site is hosted on is not available or too slow to load pages for your visitors, what good is it? At Sentio, we take care to match your needs and bandwidth projections to the correct equipment and bandwidth. Complete with enough margin for those extra busy days, without over paying for capabilities you are not using, our custom packages are your total solution.

Our platform for web sites and e-commerce solutions start with a total commitment to Up Time and System availability Our servers have met or exceeded a "4 9's" (99.99%) Up Time for 24 consecutive quarters, and still counting. This commitment is always Job 1 at Sentio Web Solutions!

Sentio Web Solutions is your one stop shop for web site hosting and development.


Search Engine Evaluation

Receive an in-depth report showing the ranking of your web sites keywords on the major search engines, for only $29.95. Recent studies have shown that over 75% of search engine users do not go past the first 5 search results. How does your site score? How do your competetors score? It pays to find out.

The only question is, are they finding your web site or someone else's when they search for your products and services.

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Special Offer

Sign up for our Basic or the Plus level web site with Sentio LLC before Dec 31, 2007 and receive a total of 50 e-mail boxes at no extra charge. You have total control over your e-mail accounts, with a web based interface to create and manage your e-mail addresses in a simple and easy to use format. Use your preferred email client or our Web based access to read your email from anywhere in the world, the choice is yours! Need to publish a newsletter, or news group? We can do those too.

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Need a static IP address?

Sentio LLC can make those available to you for only $49.95 a month with 20 GB of bandwidth and 100 meg of space. But if your order before Dec 31 2007, your first year will be only $34.95 a month!! Save Now before time runs out on this limited time offer! !

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